Submissions Guidelines

 The editors of Manhattan Chronicles are receiving submissions for PERSONAL ESSAYS and  FICTION.  We are also actively seeking opinion pieces and columns from people who have something interesting and original to say. 
We are interested in deeply personal essays about contemporary relationships, mentalities, and life in Manhattan.  

- Send submissions to:
- Indicate the title, and "Personal Essay" or Opinion in the subject line.
- Length: approx. 7500-1500 words
- Please attach your essay as an ms-word compatible doc AND paste it into the body of the email and a brief bio.
- Pseudonyms of the author are accepted, as long as MC knows the real name of the writer. MC will not reveal your real name to any third party if we agree on a pen name. Both real and composite characters or invented situations may be used.
-Style: contemporary edge, compelling, emotionally honest, dry humour.
We are interested in absurd, funny, upbeat fiction which takes place in today's Manhattan.
- Send submissions to
- Indicate the title, and fiction in the subject line.
- Length: approx 1000 words.
- Please attach your story as an ms-word compatible doc AND paste it into the body of the email.
- No pseudonyms for the author.
- Style: contemporary, funny, dry, or/and absurd.
-  Manhattan Chronicles is interested in presenting interesting international new work in translation.  Before submitting works in traslation make sure that the translation was edited for both style and content by a native English speaker editor, and the format is Times New Roman, without page numbers, page breaks and any formatting gunk. All photos should be labeled clearly in EN, and send separately.
If the translation needs editing, we can refer you to established editors who can help you clean up the English version for a small fee. A cleaned up translation is not a guarantee for publication.  
Manhattan Chronicles is looking for Interns and Volunteers who can work remotely a couple of days a week, no pay, for School Credit. 
Please contact us if only you have a degree in English or in a related field, and have the following skills: copy editing, talent scouting, HTML, and social media skills.    
DISCLAIMER: By submitting material to Manhattan Chronicles the magazine, all the digital material that we agree to post becomes a property of Manhattan Chronicles.