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New at BEA 2014

  • Author Stages—BEA is bringing a fourth Author Stage in 2014—the Eastside (Translation Market) Stage joins the Downtown, Midtown, and Uptown Stages! Author stages will feature even more authors in an interview format, discussing their books and sharing their back stories as well as presentations from leading exhibitors.
  • New Title Showcase now located on the BEA show floor—the always popular New Title Showcase moves to the front of the BEA show floor right by the Downtown Stage. Get a look at the hottest new titles in one place without having to leave the show floor.
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  • Global Market Forum—Translation Market—stop by the Translation Market on the BEA show floor to see leading US and international professionals that specialize in bringing the written word across languages.
  • Global Market Forum—Books in Translation Lounge—Network, make new connections, and learn about book translation in the NEW Global Market Forum Lounge.
  • New Exhibitors— Be sure to check out all of the New Exhibitors at BEA 2014 displaying hundreds of upcoming titles in all formats and every genre, from across the country and around the world.
  • Start Up Alley Pavilion

    Next Big BookTable #1
    Next Big Book wants to do the same thing for the book industry that they have done for the music industry which is to give book publishers the tools they need to understand which of their books are likely to make it onto the bestseller charts and, more importantly, to give publishers the tools to influence what books are successful. 

    has created a patent pending system that allows purchasers of ebooks and other digital items to add personalized messages containing video, text and images for gifting or other purposes.

    Take Pride Learning - 3

    Alta Editions - 4
    publishes interactive online cookbooks with a subscription-based offering.

    Bookopolis - 5
    is a book discovery tool and COPPA-compliant social network which encourages young students to develop a love of reading for fun.

    Riffle - 6
    provides tools for creating and curating reviews, reading lists, book quotes, recommendations, and author interviews. It’s a social media platform and word-of-mouth network that pushes book related content into Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

    Snapplify - 7
    is a digital publishing solutions provider enabling publishers to sell their content globally.

    Screwpulp - 8
    is an eBook marketplace for self-published authors that utilizes a demand-driven pricing model.

    Bookmate - 9
    offers a subscription model for e-books directed towards users in emerging markets where piracy issues are rife.

    Novelry - 10
    is a discovery engine for readers who want the convenience of online shopping but aren’t satisfied with computer-generated recommendations.

    If List11
    is committed to providing every book and story a platform to garner public support with the ultimate goal of getting optioned. It also builds a valuable, creative platform and informative resource for the arts and entertainment industry.

    Chinese Cubes12
    allows consumers to learn Chinese through fun stories at every level by creating an interactive reading and learning experience.

    Library for All13
    developed a Library application that delivers ebooks to low-cost devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and PCs. It is accessible in low-bandwidth environments via mobile phone networks.

    Mountcastle Company14
    is an independent educational children’s book publishing company that also develops supplemental digital product to enhance learning through interactive content.

    is a crowdfunding and marketing platform for the literary world. This niche platform provides a way to raise money and gauge audience response for literacy-based projects while supporters make financial pledges, bringing ideas to life.

    Active Spud16
    is a ‘page to life’ company that publishes experience-based fitness and wellness books for children.

    Beneath the Ink - 17
    provides exclusive technology that makes it easy for authors to embed additional content for readers to access which give readers more insight into the characters, places, concepts and words without leaving the page.

    Kadakis - 18
    helps publishers to dramatically increase the long term ROI on a title, by analyzing the full text of books to derive metadata and increase discoverability.

    Qlovi - 19
    is a literacy innovation company that provides free software for k-12 teachers alongside time-base eBook purchases. Qlovi’s software allows teachers to assess and track students’ reading and writing skills to accelerate achievement.

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