Too Good to Pass Unnoticed 
ULI WEBER may have become one of the world’s most acclaimed photographers with fashion photography in Vogue, Elle, Style and Mary Claire, but these days, is his stunning collection of celebrity portraits that New Yorkers can admire and buy at the Ten43 Gallery in New York.

One of the top advantages in living in a place like New York is tremendous, easy access to great art and wonderful artists, like German born Uli, which comes embedded with one the top disadvantages: the insane level of competition -- due precisely to this huge amount of talent-- that doesn’t make it easy for newcomers to stand out.

The other day I was strolling down Madison Avenue, when I happened to enter Ten43Gallery which was buzzing with people. As soon as I saw the first large two color prints hung on the white walls by the entrance -- a heart stopping portrait of Boy George dressed as a Red Devil, and a lyrical composition of Daniel Radcliffe with a white horse --I knew, instinctively, that a major artist was exhibiting there, and probably was there. Great art, as opposed to mediocre art, is not only a delight to look at, but also haunting and unforgettable.   
Uli Weber, a striking tall man with curly hair spiked with gray, was sitting on the bench giving an interview to a blond young lady from Vogue magazine, while a cast of New York smartly dressed ‘real characters’ were sipping champagne, admiring his stunning portraits of Daniel Radcliffe (for the opening of Equus in London), Boy George (for the cover of his biography), Samantha Morten, Bruce Willis, Hugh Grant, Denis Van Outen, Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue and others. Ivan Shaw, the director of photography for Vogue, and a long-time admirer of Uli Weber, co-hosted the event with Laurie Sanderson the director of Ten43 Gallery.  

MC: You were born in Germany, studied in Italy, live in London and often come to New York. Do you consider yourself at once a good German and a great British artist?

Oh definitely more European with lots and lots of London in my blood. And of course my second calling is Italy, a place I live for god parts of the year and I do work there very regularly. However I do like the idea of Berlin...

MC: If money wouldn’t be an issue, who and what would be your favorite models?

It really depends for what for.  Fashion, celebrities, street casting etc.

MC: What makes a good photo great?

When you don't get bored looking at it.

MC: What advice do you have for a new photographer starting out today and wanting to become as famous as you?

Love of photography and a bit of luck. That's why the old Greeks build temples for "fortuna"...

MC: Is there any difference between the American and British style of fashion and portrait photography, or are these differences largely pertaining to individual style?


MC: What are your next projects? 

A shot for the Leo Burnett ad agency and then back to a few personal things I am working on.

MC. Anything in particular you feel strongly about this moment?

Global warming, wake up world!!

During his brief trip to New York, Uli Weber also launched a book, ULI WEBER: PORTRAITS, available for sale at the Ten43 Gallery and on Amazon
“Uli Weber: Portraits” is on view at the Ten43 Gallery from March 15–April 14."