Front Page      Clinton Pivots from the Woman Card to the Hitler Card

  June 6, 2016 
  Byline Alexandra Ares


And It Smells Like Mean Spirit    


Along the years I’ve met a few people who kept saying that all is fair in love and war. I never agreed with that principle. Later, it turned out that all these people lacked morals and that dear sentence was a shield against their own conscience. In recent months, all has been fair in love and war for Hillary & Co. We saw Clinton and her camp pair the idea of “President Trump” with nuclear disaster, racism, Hitler, the Holocaust, legal armaghedons, and whatever else makes you tremble in fear. They planted it everywhere. The New York Times alone produced a large number of pro Clinton hidden advertorials, posing as op-eds, branding Trump as such, from all the possible angles. Very creative. The readers community billed them as "Stump the Trump" daily hit pieces series. The latest one, today, raises a yet another faux pundit conundrum "No, he's not Hitler. And yet..."

No, he isn't! Hitler wrote Mein Kempf/My Fight  about how Germans were a superior race and all the others had to be decimated. Trump wrote The Art of the Deal, which I read and shows a man quite prudent in business, with no claims of superiority, racial or otherwise, except the bluster that he is the best negotiator. He never suggested that lesser negotiators be gased, just fired. He never suggested that Mexicans or Muslims (other than ISIS fighters) be decimated. Trump wants the existing laws to be obeyed (immigration) or clarified (vetting of Muslims from ISIS countries), and treaties that didn't work for America, or no longer work, to be changed. (I believe that his policies plus Sanders's would fix most of America's ills. Too bad they can't run on the same ticket.)  He is the guy who talks about the mess we usually hide under the carpet and says, let's fix it. Then he brainstorms various ideas on national television. He takes the risk to be genuine and spontaneous, sometimes too spontaneous, thus vulnerable, while Hillary always speaks like a lawyer. So stop talking about the damn Hitler, if you have an ounce of shame and sense. Because we, Americans, are nice people.

This is a disturbing new low in US campaign politics. It is also a moral crime: In the zeal to defeat Trump both the New York Times and Hillary Clinton and as well as Clinton’s surrogates have become many times viler than the person they attack. Shouldn't we be concerned about fairness even in our own ranks? Evil is often made of good intentions gone too far.         

The brazen cynicism of such tactic is staggering. First, the Clinton strategists established that Hillary (being 60% unlikable and untrustworthy in the polls, also embroiled in an FBI investigation for violating security protocol) can "only" be sold to us if they put her in competition with Hitler. Since Hitler is the greater of ANY evil, in the entire history, automatically Hillary lands safely as the lesser evil. She may be flawed, but she's better than Hitler and will keep us safe against him. Then followed an orchestrated scare campaign where the alternative “buying option,” Trump, is being framed by various "experts" as  Hitler, a great threat to the world order. 

Bull! This fake choice between Trump-the-New-Hitler and Hillary-the-non-Hitler, reminds me of an old Eddie Izzard sketch: “CAKE OR DEATH?” Of course no one wants death, so they’ll take the cake, the Hillary cake, without any questions asked. Sigh of relief. 

Second, I actually feel sorry for Donald Trump. I feel so uneasy witnessing The World Against Donald Trump gladiator mediatic show. It's an onslaught that I wouldn’t like unleashed on anyone---so false, so magnified, so vicious. The more beasts the organizers unleash at Gladiator Trump, and the more he kills and the more he bleeds, the more the crowd loves him.

I would have written the same column and felt as sorry and concerned as I am now, if Hillary were in Trump’s shoes, framed as Stalin or as a new Doctor Evil  who will push a red button and kill tens of millions of innocents and destroy the world.  

Reality check: Trump lapses are real, but also circumstantial, off the cuff brainstorming sessions with the voters in face of various crisis. Frankly his lapses look tiny, compared to the bucket loads of premeditated trash that the media and the Clinton campaign have thrown at him to scare people off.      

A big downside of the Hitler approach as noted in Zerohedge: It is triggering a dangerous race war in the United States.  Once you define Trump as Hitler, you also give citizens moral permission to harm and kill him and his supporters; which explain the violence at his rallies against Trump supporters.

By comparison, Sanders would be an easier sell for the democrats. Both he and Obama fought their candidacies as class acts: They didn’t brand their opponents as new Hitlers and global threats just to scare people hard enough to vote for them; they didn’t use the FEAR CARD or the RACE CARD to divide and conquer Americans. They sold hope and decency. And they came with clear records, untarnished by constant past missteps and belated regrets.

To me this entire Hitler/fascist/racist scare seems plucked from the classic CIA-coup-playbook. I believe Bill Clinton took it with him (or he just memorized it) when he left the White House. It goes the same for the Bush dynasty. The same false propaganda and scare machine that made us bomb Christian Serbia to free Muslim Kosovo to become the first Muslim state in Europe, now a prime breeding ground for ISIS, as reported in the New York Times. The same propaganda that made USA invade Iraq and told us that Saddam wanted to destroy USA with his WMDs. Let's remember we never found them, tens of thousands of people died as a result, 330 million Americans were tricked, trillions of dollars were wasted. The same playbook that also tried to push USA to invade Iran. A war for every season and for every president. But before we get there, any presidential candidate who opposes a new invasion must be, by all means, discarded.  

 Alexandra Ares is a novelist, most recently author of Brand New Americans.