Front Page      At the Democratic National Convention The Devil Wears Clinton

The media is selling us now Hillary Clinton like they sold us the war in Iraq: There is no viable alternative.

This time the weapons of mass destruction belong to the next supposedly dangerous dictator, Donald Trump— the builder and entertainer.  
 Buried deep within his politically insurgent views and his defying populist chutzpah.  
 Gone is the enthusiasm inspired by Obama in 2008. Gone is the trust that the Democrats are better than Republicans and they have people’s interest at heart. Gone is the trust that basic decency will prevent the puppeteer from re-hiring its red-handed puppet, who’d compromised ethics and the democratic primary process to deliver its due.
 This time each DNC speech and each grand word in it about democracy and ideals sound hollow. Anyone who can rub fact and fiction and two neurons together will cringe.
  In only eight years and a few inexcusable and felonious WikiLeaks the Democrats managed the once unthinkable: to look and be worse than the Republicans.
 (Sorry Dems, I used to like you. No more. No matter how many A-list stars will speak in your favor. No matter how many star-studded adjectives about democracy and American values you put in your fiery speeches.)  
 They pushed a healthcare reform written by the insurance lobby and scratched the public option.
 Created more havoc in the Middle East than even the previous Devil-in-Chief: W. 
 Ruined Europe with the migrant crisis resulting from the above havoc.
 Doubled the national debt with little to show for.
 Made sure none in Wall Street was found responsible for the meltdown or went to jail and everyone got their bonuses.  
 Stifled the Occupy Wall Street movement.
 Sold the influence to give  US uranium to the Russians.
 Led a foreign policy that created the Syrian War, the inception and spread of ISIS.
 Maintained alliances with countries that export values that fight democracy and sponsor ISIS.
 Discouraged good and trusted candidates - like Elisabeth Warren – to run for POTUS.
 And then the Dems made a pact with the Devil and rigged the democratic process to anoint Hillary Clinton, the most hated woman in America for many good reasons.
 The rigging was amply documented, leaked, investigated, and protested.
 There are books and films written about the Devils’s cash, and the Devil’s character.
 There are FBI investigations, private servers, and thousands of WikiLeaks exposed by various Romanian Guccifers.
 There is even a long list of devil-related-body counts.
 There are 230 million-dollar donations to Devil opponents that are practically owned now and millions of outraged small donors.
 And a statistical chance of 1 in 77 billion that the Devil actually won the Democratic primary. 
 No matter.
 The Devil owns Barrack and Michele for some Shakespearean revenge against the birther. The Devil owns all the key people appointed by the former president Bill and makes them break and defy rules and openly come to its rescue: at the Department of Justice (Loretta), at the Supreme Court (Ruth Bader Ginsburg), the Democratic National Convention (Debbie Wassserman Schultz), just to name the most visible. The Devil owns most of the media, the Google search engine, the Devil tells us what to think, how to assign his dirty tricks on Putin, how to fear a potential new Hitler that might be worse, how to never, never, never load any blame on it.  The Devil stopped giving press conferences over six months ago and walled itself in all possible ways from any still-thinking-and-doubting hoi polloi who want the Devil to be held accountable for its sins.
 The Devil even brought the last two American Virgins to the fold: Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren thus compromising all the trust and hope we had in them.
 The Devil will spend a billion dollars from now to November to convince us to vote for it.

 The Devil even brought the last two American Virgins to the fold: Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren and compromised all trust and hope we had in them.
 The Devil will spend a billion dollars from now to November to convince us to vote for it.
 If not, don’t worry, Devil has plan B, well-practiced in the primaries: the most creative and insidious ways of election fraud. We’ve already established that only in the US, the new Gambia, we can’t trust the big discrepancies between results and exit polls.
 Once firmly ensconced, the Devil will give us more wars, more debt, more disastrous trade deals, more outsourcing and reversions, more exhaustion of wealth with higher prices for everything and lower real wages, more financial meltdowns, more subprime everything, more scandals, more of the of the same.
 The Devil is sick to run everything from the shadow. The Devil wants to finally grab the most visible top spot and break the last glass ceiling and claim its due.   
 The Devil always lures people telling them it is the harmless, more reasonable choice.
 The Devil can’t buy our love, but it can buy almost everything else.

 After all, it's the most experienced one in the history of evil kind. 
 Alexandra Ares is a novelist, columnist and the editor of Manhattan Chronicles.