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ALEXANDRA ARES Ph.D. is a cultural columnist, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, member of Pen American Center, Dramatist Guild of America and Union of Romanian Writers (USR). She was featured in Elle, Cosmpolitan, as well as on various TV and Radio shows. 

Born in Bucharest, as the daughter of comedy playwright Dinu Grigorescu, Alexandra moved to New York in 1998. She started her career as a producer/director/host for network television, and later worked as a communications executive in the United Nations system.   

Alexandra is award-winning author of the outrageously funny novel My Life on Craigslist,  the minimalist literary novella
The Other Girl and the soul searching, romantic road trip romp Dream Junkiesavailable everywhere in paperback and e-book. 

In Romania she also published:Viata mea pe net (Polirom, Colectia Chic 2012), Visătorele (Polirom, Colectia Romance, 2008), Exila tă în Trecut (Cartea Romaneasca, 2005); Sam Shephard,  a Rebel of Rigoris Mortis (Editira Aldine 2005)  and the bi-lingual edition of her three act play Waking Beauty/Frumoasa Adormita si trezita  (Editura Ghepardul 2006).  

In all Alexandra wrote 8 books and she directed, wrote and produced 10 documentaries with lengths ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, shot in New York, Belgrade, Avignon, Bucharest, etc. She also wrote two screenplays currently in development with Smart Filmz and YMC Films: MAN  HEAVEN and THE PARK. 


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